CC Cream: Personalized Facebook Sampling App

Teaming up with the Estee Lauder brand Smashbox, SWELL Labs was focused on creating a one-of-its-kind Facebook Sampling App that could properly capture the groundbreaking nature of CC Cream.

A personalized choose your own adventure film experience that incorporated actual user’s friends came to mind and that is exactly what we built. In a truly revolutionary manner SWELL Labs created an experience completely controlled by the user. The experience follows an individual’s day as she first receives a text, from a real life Facebook friend, invitation to a CC Cream launch party, as she meets celebrities, receives a personal glam session and, ending with an all-night dance party. The path she takes however is completely controlled by the user.

The experience is infused with user specific content from a friend’s text message to actual Facebook pictures framed on the wall, we created a full-on personal experience that is unique in the digital marketing arena.

Not only did the App appropriately mirror the innovation of CC cream it was also a global success utilized in major North American, South American, European, and South Pacific markets.