SWSX Soundboard

Recently SWELL Labs collaborated with the Pepsi brand to create an interactive installation at SXSW. Festival goers, were given their opportunity, in a photo booth confessional style, to sound off on the state and trends of music festivals worldwide. Once captured, users could live share their “Soundoff” or email to a friend, as a means to announce their feelings to the world.

While the installation was the main focus of SXSW, the true challenge was in the architecture and implementation of the Content Management System (CMS). Collaboration with multiple vendors and partners was imperative as a means to make the promotion come to life outside of SXSW.

SWELL Labs created an intuitive and user friendly CMS that allowed a multitude of partners; Tumblr and Twitter from a social standpoint, as well as Pepsi’s individual vendors, to integrate, access, and manipulate ensuring a successful overall campaign.