Catch the Shoe: Interactive Shoppable Unit

Hermes, the ultimate luxury brand, also makes shoes! That was the message SWELL was charged with telling the world as Hermes launched their global digital and 'brick and mortar' shoe initiative.

As a means to spread the word, we created ‘Catch the Shoe’ - a never-seen-before interactive and shoppable unit that lived both on Hermes website and within a Lightbox Unit that was shared throughout paid, social and .com channels.

The interactive video experience featured 3 worlds “Equestrian”, “Cabaret” and, “Gift” in which animated shoes, each with a unique personality, appear and disappear behind objects prompting the viewer to click them before they're gone. Once caught, the viewer is treated to a short choreographed dance by a model either wearing or displaying the shoe.

Catch the shoe was not only a huge success on a creative engagement level, but also in terms of sales, which saw an increase of over 200%.