The Furla Feeling: Spring/Summer 2015 Microsite

The Spring/Summer collection launch is a major event for any brand, making their mark in the fashion world and starting the momentum for the year. This was especially true for Furla in 2015 as they went back to their Italian roots.

They needed a statement piece that illustrated both their time honored tradition but also spoke to their fashion forward approach. SWELL Labs delivered on all fronts by creating an innovative Collection page that enhanced the user experience rarely seen in ecommerce.

Incorporating our proprietary technology (SWELLPlayerâ„¢) we created a three tiered shopping experience that allowed users the ability to see flagship products in action on the piazza, while also functioning as a true ecommerce page. Hidden gems like exclusive behind the scenes VIP content was also accessible, if you knew where to look, offering a truly robust rollout of the Furla Feeling line.