Naturally Straight: Facebook App

Recently, SWELL teamed with Estee Lauder to launch a unique sampling app for Aveda Facebook fans.

Aveda was facing three major challenges:

1. How do we create awareness for the Naturally Straight styling creme in a fun and unique way, while at the same time enticing users to interact with the brand day after day?

2. How do we offer a unique and innovative spin on the tired sample mechanic?

3. How do we spread our company philosophy of social responsibility?

The solution?

The Aveda Naturally Straight Puzzle App comprised of a mixture of gamification, lottery style sampling mechanic, and incentivized social sharing. This smart social media app was built with email capturing in mind. We wanted to create an app that would spread Aveda’s karmic vibe while acquiring email information in a non-disruptive way.

Not only was this the first Facebook app in the world to feature this "good-karma" incentive, but the friend-to-friend wall posts created a viral loop back to the app, creating a greater overall reach while drawing in more users.

We succeeded in creating return users with the lottery prize mechanic. Those users who returned to the app daily were rewarded with new opportunities to win, despite winning or losing the previous day. 25% of all users returned to the app.

As expected the Naturally Straight Puzzle App saw high levels of user-engagement throughout the two week campaign generating the highest traffic Aveda had seen to date on a Facebook application.