Into the Glitch: Microsite

In a collaboration with MCM, a global luxury handbags and leather goods brand, SWELL Labs was tasked with creating a highly innovative interactive website as a means to raise awareness for their new ecommerce website.

Into the Glitch is a groundbreaking interactive website takeover and a winner of the coveted FWA Website of the Day (September 8, 2015) award. Quite simply, the experience was designed to challenge the expectations of what is possible on the web today.

Beginning as what appears to be a web malfunction from another dimension, just as viewers are about to reset their web browser (or shake their monitor for that matter), the experience suddenly shifts to a full-screen interactive video. Featuring a bilingual, slightly robotic but undeniably charming model inviting the user to "Click Me, anywhere," the experience is enriched further. Unique symbols - as a smart cursor - directed the user to engage with unique video outcomes showcasing key MCM products, all humorously emanating from the model's head.

The campaign was a smash, boosting traffic to 61%, fulfilling its goal of pushing new e-commerce and heralding the launch of the brand's flagship SOHO store.